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  Jan 3, 2018 10:51:02 PM  |    Kashif Zain   E-Learning Solutions

Technology has changed the way we learn!

Outreach and learning flexibility are key pointers in the current education system, shaping the whole spectra of learning across the globe. Technological developments and innovations are producing a major shift in the education system. At this juncture, institutions strive to offer their learners the best possible learning experience, but keeping every element of it streamlined can be quite a challenge. As learning technologies and delivery media continue to evolve and advance, organizations (corporate, academic etc.) prefer virtual or blended learning models of programs.

During the first wave of adoption to make their learning environment efficient and reachable to a wide audience, institutions relied on technological solutions like Learning Management System (LMS) implementation. The second wave witnessed institutions moving to a new learning management platform from the existing LMS to improve efficiency and to keep up with the technological change. Era of the second wave of transition has not quite ended yet.

As this transition takes place, institutions need to leverage their existing content or redesign their courses. Moreover, the preservation of the existing content needs to be ensured by the institutions as the loss of the existing content may create disruptions in the learning process. These challenges can be overcome through a efficient course migration process and well planned instructional design. Both require creative and strategic planning and extensive technological support.

New learning channels pave the way for innovative solutions.

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