LBS Solutions for a Moving World

  Jan 4, 2018 4:26:55 AM  |    Vinoy Thomas   Location Based Services

Adapt LBS model – Improve Consumer & Service provider Connection

The growth of the mobile market has created new opportunities for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

In 2014, the number of mobile device users worldwide overtook users of traditional computing devices for the first time in history. This marked a pivotal turning point for the global consumer technology ecosystem. Users of mobile devices typically spend three to four hours every day on their devices. A staggering eighty-nine percent of this time is spent using mobile apps, as opposed to just eleven percent spent on mobile web pages. What’s more, the abundance of mobile devices becomes more prevalent every day and is expected to have exponential growth as Mobile technology improves.

Location Based Services (LBS)

LBS solutions enables GEO code integration to provide a service based on the location. As Ride share companies revolutionized the services model with On Demand availability leveraging LBS technologies, other industries including Home Healthcare, Real Estate, Home Services, Handy Man services and others can enhance their service model to be more available to customer on their time.

As the consumer demand and competition increase, need of the hour is to be available for customer’s services on their time and Mobile technology in integration with GPS provides service providers exact opportunity to achieve service excellence by On Demand servicing.

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